Foam Mattresses

Foam Mattresses

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Foam Mattress Custom

Restrictions apply please
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Available in Twin, Full, Queen, King only.

Mattress Pricing is as follows:

(Cost includes quilted covers with zippers, velcro, and 2 toppers)


King Size 76” x 80” x 10-1/2″ = $ 1,085.00

Queen Size 60” X 80” x 10-1/2″ = $ 985.00

Full Size 54” X 75” x 10-1/2″= $ 985.00

Twin Size 39” X 75” x 10-1/2″= $ 885.00

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Mail in your paper template! Custom Cut to Shape

 Custom Made covers is also available!

Different types of firmness toppers are available between you and your partner.


Round Corners on 2 or all 4 sides.

Cut Off Corner Foam Mattress

Cut Off Corner Shape Mattress

before custom foam cutting


custom foam cutting


boat mattress with angles and bevels

Custom Made Boat Mattress

Foam Topper & Mattress Solutions

2" thick Memory Top and Bottom With Premium Medium Foam Core

Mattress Topper 4″ Thick
& Mattress Base 6″ thick
10″ Thick
1″ or 2″ Memory Foam
1″ Premium Medium Foam
3″ Memory
5″ Thick Premium OR 5″ thick Luxury Firm Foam
6″ Thick
2″ Memory foam top and bottom Glued your choice of
2″ Premium Medium or
2″ Luxury Firm Foam
center core.
5″ Thick

1″ up to 4″ thick Memory Foam Glued to a 2″ up to a 4″ thick Luxury Firm Foam

memory and firm foam layers
4″ Thick
1″ top and bottom choice of
Premium Medium or
Luxury Firm Foam
With 2″ memory foam
center core

7″ Thick

1″ thick Memory and
1″ Luxury firm foam layers

12″ Thick
2″ Memory Foam
1.75″ Latex Foam
3″ Memory Foam
5″ thick Luxury Firm Foam

Foam Mattress with FR Sock

Required by law for mattresses 4″ or thicker.

W-Mattress example with cover

Click Below To Create Your Own Mattress!

Add layers to your bed by creating a custom topper of your choice. We offer: Custom Gel Memory Foam Toppers, High Density Egg-Crate Toppers, and or Latex Foam Toppers.

We also offer: Beveled edges on boat Cushions.
Click Here For Foam Specs.

mattress cover quilted tencel

Foam Mattress Cover
Quilted Tencel Mattress Cover

Standard Mattress Sizes Available

Standard Sizes:

Custom Mattress With Cover Twin, Full, Queen, King.
Custom made covers are available.
Twin 39″ x 75″
Full (Futon Mattress) 54″ x 75″
Queen 60″ x 80″
King 76″ x 80″
California King 72″ x 84″
Hospital Bed 36″ x 80″
Bunk Bed 30″ x 75″
Day Bed 36″ x 75″
Round Mattress 84″ Round (60″, 72″, and 96″round available)
Baby Mattress
 Play Pin Pads
Playroom’s – Custom Soft Play Mats
28″ x 52″
36″ x 36″
Latex Mattress Twin, Full, Queen, King in 6″ Thick
Latex Topper 2″ & 3″ Thick: Twin, Full, Queen, King
Mattress Topper Solutions 2″ Thick: Twin, Full, Queen, King
Memory Foam Toppers Twin, Full, Queen, King
Egg Crate Toppers Twin, Full, Queen, King
Pet Beds Small, Medium, Large
Mattress Wedges Twin, Full, Queen, King
Camping Pads 76″ x 80″ /40″ x 76″ /26″ x 72″ /16″ x 16″


Bi-Fold OR Tri-Fold Foam Custom Mattress covers can be made to any shape and size with vinyl or fabric! You can have it in 2 or 3 equal cushions and in different sizes.

Please email us today with sizes for details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tri-Fold Foam Mattress


Adding a cover will prevent the foam from wear and tear and other damp conditions; allowing the foam to last a little longer.

Colors below and above may differ from actual foam colors due to differences in your monitor’s (screen’s) setup.

Click photo to enlarged.

Terry Cloth Fabric

White & Ivory Lining

Stripe Ticking

Canvas Fabric Colors

White Baby Vinyl cover

Cover Options With A Zipper:

Please note: all of the fabric is 54″ wide so any mattress wider than 54″ will have to be seamed together.

1. White Knit Terry Velour Cloth 9.5 oz
25% Polyester & 75% Cotton/machine
wash cold/tumble dry low/remove promptly

2. Beige Knit Terry Velour Cloth in 9.5 oz
25% Polyester & 75% Cotton/machine
wash cold/tumble dry low/remove promptly

3. Navy Blue Knit Terry Velour Cloth 9.5 oz
25% Polyester & 75% Cotton/machine
wash cold/tumble dry low/remove promptly

-Terry Cloth does is not a bath towel. Our terry cloth is thinner and is not recommended for outdoor application.

4. White OR Ivory Lining
70% Polyester & 30% Cotton/washable

5. Woven Pin Stripe
100% Polyester (Spot clean only/
not washable or Dry Cleanable)

6. Brown Canvas
100% Acrylic

7. Beige / Tan Canvas
100% Acrylic

8. Black Canvas
100% Acrylic

9. Grey Canvas
100% Acrylic

10. Soft White Baby Vinyl
Impervious to liquid or fluids.

11. Quilted Tencel (white or light gray)
35% Tencel
65% Polyester

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