Medical Foam

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Recovering from surgery? Are you living with a medical condition?

Our factory direct pillows allow us to pass the savings onto our customers.

 “Skip the middle man and buy direct!”

Here at Foam N’ More we understand that buying through the middle man can be timely and expensive; not anymore!

We offer a wide range of medical foam products ranging from pillows for your ears or neck to wedges for your legs, knees, and back.

Our medical products are available in all of  our foams ranging from our Standard Poly Foam to our High Quality, High Density foams.

No matter the foam you choose, we’re the right match for you!

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Please note: If you don’t see the foam shape you are looking for, just ask our friendly staff how we can cut your shaped foam piece for you. You can also e-mail us and we will direct you to the product that better suits your needs.

Medical Leg Wedges (beneficial for relieving low back and leg pains)

Orthopedic leg Wedge
Leg Wedge Support

Medical Bed Wedge Kit

Knee Wedge
Triangle Leg Wedge
Angled Leg Wedge
Leg Support

Ankle Support


Stress Relief Back Support Wedges






Angle back cushion pillow

Custom Bed Wedges
Body Wedges
Baby Wedges
 Yoga Accessories
Gymnastic Accessories
Back Bolsters
Back Support Pillows


Stress Relief Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam
U-Shape Body Pillows Neck and Head Bed Pillow



Memory Foam, Ear Pillow

Neck support pillows



Memory Foam Bolsters

Stress Relief Foam Pillows
sissel orthopedic pillow decorative-foam-pillow
Head and Neck Bed Pillow, Foam Only Bed Pillows
Latex Pillow
Decorative Throw Pillows


Medical Foam Accessories
Chair & Wheel
Chair Pads
 Donut Pillow Pads Round Bolsters




Cover Options With A Zipper:

“Adding a cover will prevent the foam from wear and tear and other damp conditions, making the foam last a little longer.”

Please note: colors above may differ to actual foam colors due to differences in your monitor’s (screen’s) setup

1. White Knit Terry Velour Cloth
25% Polyester & 75% Cotton/machine wash cold/tumble dry low/remove promptly

2. Beige Knit Terry Velour Cloth*
25% Polyester & 75% Cotton/machine wash cold/tumble dry low/remove promptly
*also comes in Navy Blue

3. Ivory Lining
70% Polyester & 30% Cotton/washable

4. Woven Pin Stripe
100% Polyester (Spot clean only/ not washable or Dry Cleanable)

5. White Lining
70% Polyester & 30% Cotton – washable

7. Black Canvas 100% Acrylic

8. Light Beige / Tan Canvas 100% Acrylic

9. Grey Canvas 100% Acrylic

10. Tan Canvas 100% Acrylic

11. Black Vinyl
12. Red Vinyl
13. Yellow Vinyl
14. White Vinyl
15. Blue Vinyl
16. Brown Vinyl
17. Light Beige Vinyl
18. Grey Vinyl