Foam Pet Bed

We can create perfect pet beds in any size!
We can also custom sew any decorative cover!

Shredded foam Pet Beds

These Pet Beds are truly the highest quality, finest, and most comfortable Pet Beds ever made. Not only will your special pet sleep better, he or she will sleep with improved circulation, less re-positioning and reduction in pressure points that cause inflammation, pain, stiffness and discomfort.

Older pets will get the relief they deserve, and you will get the satisfaction in knowing that you have purchased for your pet the “FINEST, MOST COMFORTABLE PET BED” ever made.

* Comes with custom sewn channels strips so that the foam will stay into place, the bed will stay in shape and never have any more clumps.

* This gives the cushion fuller, fluffier, plumper appearances.

* It is a perfect place for your furry pet to curl up and rest. This pad is supportive, contours perfectly and will mold to your pets body, which makes it more comfortable to lay on.

* Reduces inflammation, pain, muscle and joint stiffness, and discomfort. These pet beds also cushion pressure points to get that full comfort that your pet is looking for.

* Recommended for any pet! Especially for older pets or arthritic pets that require a more therapeutic bed.

poly fill cat bed

Pet Bed Box Style Shredded Foam

Pet Bed- Box Style

  • Made In the USA
  • Covers comes with a zipper for easy cleaning and washing.
  • Super Durable- won’t sag or flatten

Foam (no casing)- Medium to firm firmness with a 1.8lbs density and 36ILD that will last 2 to 5 years normal everyday pet use.

Shredded Foam with casing-
*New, no skin high quantity shredded foam is use. There are 2 to 4 channels so it keeps the filling in place and not shift (will retain its shape) which makes it extremely comfy.

Cluster Fill with casing- If your pet does not like shredded foam, Cluster Fill is softer but can be firmer if you stuff more filling. There are 2 to 4 channels so it keeps the filling in place and not shift (will retain its shape) which makes it extremely comfy.

Both Shredded and Cluster filling have channeled in the insert which makes it more comfortable and consisted thru out the mat. This will cushion their joints, give them good circulation so that they do not toss and turn all night due to being uncomfortable.

Or do you have an existing Pet Bed Cover that needs to be re-stuffed? You can purchase our Foam, shredded foam, or Cluster fill by the pound, or mail or bring in your pet bed cover.

Custom made sizes width, length and thickness is also available.

Size Bed with Cover & Filling
(Poly Foam Insert)
Bed with Cover & Filling (Shredded Foam Insert) Bed with Cover & Filling (Cluster Fill Insert) Send Us Your Own

Cover Only Black, Tan, Grey Canvas

18″ x 24″ x 6″

$ 60.95

Insert Filling Only $14.95
$ 84.00

Insert Filling Only $38.00
$ 102.00

Insert Filling Only $56.00
1.5 Yards

$ 46.00

24″ x 30″ x 6″

$ 88.95

Insert Filling Only $24.95
$ 112.00

Insert Filling Only $48.00
$ 159.00

Insert Filling Only $95.00
2.5 Yards

$ 64.00

30″ x 24″ x 6″

$ 115.95

Insert Filling Only $43.95
$ 170.00

Insert Filling Only $58.00
$ 237.00

Insert core only $125.00
3.5 Yards

$ 112.00

36″ x 45″ x 6″

$ 154.95

Insert Filling Only $55.95
$ 167.00

Insert Filling Only $68.00
$ 244.00

Insert Filling Only $145.00
4.5 Yards

$ 99.00

shredded foam pet bed

pet bed fabric match

Cozy Pet Bed
Shredded filling foam (High Quality Medium Density) provides gentle support for sleeping comfort, helping to prevent inflammation, pain, muscle and joint stiffness, and discomfort. This also cushions pressure points to get that full support to joints and bones. Gives the pet or dogs air circulation.

Description- Style #10

(New Foam & Cover)
Send Us Your Own

Inserts Only

27″ x 24″ x 5″

$ 65.00
2 Yards
(Cover only $35.00)
$ 42.50

36″ x 45″ x 5″

$ 85.00
3 Yards
(Cover only $55.00)

$ 45.50

54″ x 45″ x 5″ $ 95.00
3.5 Yards
(Cover only $65.00)

$ 48.00

Send your fabric to us and make a custom made pet bed to match your room and bed set. These are luxuriously warm and richly upscale designer dog beds Comfy enough to keep them off your furniture, stylish and practical.
Put this cushion in any corners without being too bulky and in the your way.

foam pet bed pet bed High quality foam Dog Foam Bed With Cover
Dog Foam Bed

Oval Shape Pet Bed with Regular Shredded Foam
One removable cover with a zipper for easy washing
One Stripe Ticking casing cover without a zipper
Custom sewn channel strips keep foam in place

so you won’t have any more clumps.

Style #04

Insert Only No Cover

Shipping Price Optional
22″ x 34″ x 5″
$ 48.85
42″ x 30″ x 5″
$ 58.85


50” x 40″ x 5″

$ 64.85



Make daily life easier for you and your pet. Ideal for toy breeds, small dogs and cats. This staircase is designed for aging (pets with joint problems, arthritis) or small pets to reach their favorite spots like chairs, sofas, beds, and step stools, or just boost up an existing step. This staircase is lightweight yet strong, and can hold up to 200 pounds. Covers come in navy blue or cream-colored Terry Cloth that removes easily for washing.75% Cotton / 25% Polyester/ machine washable in cold water.You may also ship your own material such as a big towel or a special fabric to match your fabric décor.
Pet Step 4-step dog ramp pet steps dog steps

Pet Step 4-step

Description Price
Foam Only
Cover Price Optional Estimated Shipping Price

2 Steps Stairs Polystyrene
(7-1/2″ Steps)

Depth= 12″ / Width = 15.5″ /
Height = 8″

$ 19.85 $ 28.00
(1 yard
of fabric)
$ 10.75 -$ $25.95

3 Steps Stairs Polystyrene
(7-1/2″ Steps)

Depth= 18″/ Width = 15.5″/
Height = 12″

$ 36.85 $ 32.00
(1 yard
of fabric)
$ 15.75 – $40.75

4 Steps Stairs Polystyrene
(7-1/2″ Steps)

Depth= 30″/ Width = 15.5″ /
Height = 16

$ 58.85 $ 38.00
(1.5 yard of fabric)
$ 20.75 – $ 50.75

5 Steps Stairs Polystyrene
(7-1/2″ Steps)

Depth= 37″/ Width = 15.5/
Height =20″

$ 75.85 $ 42.00
(1.5 yard of fabric)
Please email us with your zip code for shipping price.
6 Steps Stairs Polystyrene (7-1/2″ Steps)Depth= 45″ /Width = 15.5″ / Height =24″
**Box size 47″ x 27″ x 17″ / 14lbs need to ship in 2 pieces to reduce shipping cost**
$ 95.85 $ 48.00
(2 yard
of fabric)
7 Steps Stairs Polystyrene
(7-1/2″ Steps)

Depth= 52″ /Width = 15.5″ /
Height =28″
$ 115.85 $ 58.00
(2-1/2 yard
of fabric)

Pet Steps 4 step custom size 4 Steps Stairs Polystyrene
(8″ Steps)

Depth= 24″/ Width = 15.5″ /
Height = 18″

Pet Ramp For Your Car. This pet ramp is custom made to fit the shape of the side panel of your car.
With this grip method your pet will feel more comfortable to get in and out of the car with out the ramp moving. Overall size of this ramp is 24″ Tall x 36″ long x 16.5″ wide $229.00
(weight of this ramp was 20lbs)
Contact us for more details! The weight of ramps will be around 15lbs to 30lbs depending on the size you choose

Solid Foam Back Seat Extender. Custom make a firm bock of foam to securely fit in the foot wells of the back seat. This firmness will prevent from pets slipping down between the front and rear seat and makes your dog safer, more comfortable and prevents them from slipping down between the front and rear seats. Covers are also available.
Please email with sizes for prices.

Styrofoam Pet Ramp

Pet Bed Ramp with Cover


Your choice of Charcoal Firm Open Cell Foam OR 1.5lbs Polystyrene


Cover Option

(Extra cost)

Height = 15” / Depth= 24” / Width= 15”


No Pleats $44.00
With Pleats $56.00

Height = 20” / Depth= 36” / Width= 15”


No Pleats $44.00
With Pleats $56.00

 Repair and Replace: Has your pet destroyed your furniture?
Has your pet wet your sofa cushions? Have no fear, Foam N’ More is here!

The price range is $15.00 – $65.00.Please email us pictures for an exact cost.

 We offer “New Foam” for sofa cushion replacement. All you have to do is call with your measurements for a price quote over the phone. Or you may bring in your pre-cleaned sofa cover and we can stuff your cushions at no extra charge.We also offer upholstery and repairs on furniture.
You may email us or bring in a picture to see if the furniture is repairable. Please visit our show room – we have a wide variety of fabric that you can choose from.
Pet Surgery Bed If your pet may need surgery ask the veterinarian if the need this type of wedge to help operate better on your dog or cat. Custom Sizes is available.

30″ Long x 18″ Wide x 8″ high Includes foam & Vinyl Cover 

$85.00 + Free Shipping

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