Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Assembly Instructions

Q. How do I measure any window or bay window?

You can mail in a paper template that exactly matches the window or bay window. Measure the width of your window including blinds, curtains, or molding (whichever is the widest) and add a minimum of 1″ per side, or more, according to personal preference. Also measure the return (projection) that you would like the cornice to be and stand out. Or simply follow the steps for a quick and easy measurement.

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Corner Window Bay Window Recessed Bay Bow Curved
corner edge window corner bay window bay window measurement

Professional Measuring & Installation

1) Window width including frame ___”

2) Length from top of frame to top of still ___”

3) Inside Width ___”

4) Inside Length ___”

5) Distance from top of frame to ceiling ___”

6) Distance from bottom of apron to floor ___”

7) Distance from right side of frame to wall ___”

8) Distance from left side to frame to wall ___”

9) Length from top of frame to floor ___”

10) Length from ceiling to Floor ___”

11) Width of frame ___”

Q. How deep is the return (projection) on the cornice?

Style Window


Style Window

No treatment 2-1/2″ Wood Blinds 5″
Mini Blinds 2-1/2 Single Travis Rod 5-1/2
Roman Shade 4″ Vertical Blinds 6-1/2
Side Panel 4-1/2″ Luminette 8-1/2
Silhouette 4-1/2 Double Travis Rod 9-1/2
  1.   How does your cornice compare to others on the market?

Our product is quite unique. Lightweight, sturdy, and amazingly

simple to assemble. We sell our cornices exactly to your size.

We supply you with a dust cap already attached to the cornice

along with L- Brackets to install with. You have more versatility with our product, as you have different styles to choose from, with different finish lengths.

Can I really do it myself?

Yes! This is as simple as measuring fabric, cutting it to fit, then wrapping and tucking it in the grooves in the back of the unit. Full directions are provided.

Can I hang the cornice by myself?

We have found that one person can easily hang a cornice up to 5 feet wide. If your cornice is wider, we suggest that you have an assistant help you by holding the other end for you.

How do you ship out your foam products?  

Most products are shipped UPS. Large items will be shipped via freight carriers. We offer the option of Next Day and 2nd Day delivery. Please call for costs and also provide us with your shipping zip code.

How long will it take to get my order?

For Do-It-Yourself Foam Cornices or wood cornice, the order generally goes out within 10 days. Of course, there are at times unforeseen delays – but every effort will be made to get all orders out within the specified time frame.

Are the foam cornices heavy and difficult to hang?

No! A 5 foot cornice will weigh about 5 pounds. On the window above the vertical casing (molding) you will find a wall stud. (if you can’t find the wall stud, we will provide you with a drill-in fasteners to drill into the wall.) After determining the appropriate placement for the hardware based on the desired height. Mark the wall through the slot where you will place the two L-Brackets and screws.

The foam cornice dust cap will lay right on top of the L-Brackets.  (Appropriate number of brackets are included with each kit.)

Are the foam cornices fireproof?

The foam cornices are made from Open-Cell/ Urethane-Ether Foam, which contains a fire retardant and meets California safety standards, the highest in the country. Flammability: MVSS 302

How often can I change the material on the Foam Cornice?

As often as you wish! Maybe you will want to change for the holidays or seasons, or just for company. Of course, common sense suggests treating the foam cornices with care while decorating them.

How wide of a foam cornice can I order?

All you have to do is let us know what size window you have. We will take care of the rest. We specialize in large and small orders. Foam cornices that are over 5 ft. we will have to cut in half for S&H purposes. Foam cornices are very easy to assemble .

Please Note: The foam adds extra width. So the window measurement that is given to us is not the finish width of the whole cornice. The cornice will be bigger and will add 4″ to 8″ extra to the finish width of the cornice.

Can I return the foam cornice?

For Custom Order – Since the foam cornice are custom made to your specifications, they are not returnable for any reason.  Orders cannot be canceled or changed once production has begun.

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