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Wood Cornice Boards

Cornices can be custom cut to the size you need. To save shipping costs on window treatments, we can cut your cornice in half. Then, when you receive your shipment, you can easily reassemble the
cornice before placing the fabric on top.

Click on the pictures below for a more detailed view.

Step 1- How to Place Fabric onto a Cornice Board

Click on the pictures below for a more detailed view.
* price on cornices does not include welt and cording. Welt and cording is additional cost.

how to upholster cornice
how to upholster cornice 1
how to upholster cornice 2

how to upholster cornice 3
This item shows the wood frame, foam, batting, cardboard tacking and welt.
To install the fabric onto the wood, pull the fabric tightly to the back and top of the panel and staple it in place. Continue by pulling the fabric tightly to the left and right sides of the cornice board, then work your way out from the center. The trim can be applied in the same way. For additional questions on this process, please feel free to call or email us.

how to upholster cornice 4
how to upholster cornice 5

how to upholster cornice 6

how to upholster cornice 7
The cardboard tacking strip is applied to the cornice board, which enables you to attach the fabric in a straight line to finish the edges and completely eliminate hand sewing. White lining is then installed to hide the wood frame.
how to upholster cornice 8 The cornice is then complete and ready to be installed.

Step 2- How To Install Top Treatment

Required Tools – Electric Drill (with various drill bits), level, screws, brakes and pencil.

A- Place the brackets in their proper location. Always use all of the brackets that are provided for you. To install the brackets, measure about 3” to 4” from each end. Then install brackets at each location and make sure all brackets are level with each other.

B- Place the top treatment over the brackets. Secure the top boards with the short screws provided. Each hole in the brackets should have a screw.

Foam Cornice Boards

Required Materials: Scissors, ruler or straight edge, fine point felt tip marker, tape measure and a LOW TEMP GLUE GUN.

DO NOT leave a low heat gun
plugged in for an extended time and then use it on foam. Hot glue will meltthe foam. We recommend you test on a small, hidden area prior to applying on your final product.

Step 1 – Assembling the Cornice

A. Measure Your Window

Measure the width of your window including blinds, curtains, or molding (whichever is widest) and add a minimum of 1″ per side. (more can be added according to personal preference).

Foam Cornice comes with a Dust cap wood backing

 foam cornice1 foam cornice2 foam cornice3

Top View Of Cornice

Bottom View Of Cornice

Side View Of Cornice

If your window measures longer than 60″ wide we will provide you the wood dust cap and screws, to join two foam cornices together.

foam cornice4 foam cornice5
foam cornice6
foam cornice7 foam cornice8

Front View Of Cornices to be joined

Back View Of Cornices to be joined

Joining two foam cornices together

Finished Back View

Finished Front View

Step 2 – Decorating the Foam Cornice

A. Measure and Cut Your Fabric in Strips You will be using fabric strips to cover every contour of your foam cornice.

Determine the fabric width by inserting a tape measure into a fabric groove, bringing it around and inserting it into the next fabric groove, then adding 1″ to 1-1/2″ depending on the thickness of the fabric.

foam cornice9 Cut Fabric Tuck The Fabric

Measure Foam Corner

Cut your material

Apply on Foam Corner

To determine the length of your fabric strips, measure the front of the cornice, add the length of the two returns, then add three inches. This will give you enough length to cover the cornice and fold over a hem at each end of the cornice.

Helpful Hint: For a gathered effect, add 3 inches (instead of 1) to the width and double (or triple) the length of your fabric strip, depending upon the amount of gathers you want.

If you should run out of fabric or need to start the next piece, DON’T PANIC! Simply fold the next strip of fabric over and lay it on top of the first strip. Continue tucking as you have been doing.

If your cornice can be seen from the outside or as you walk through an Arcadia Door, for example, you will probably want to finish the back with fabric as well. As before, measure the length and width and simply tuck into the grooves on the back.

Step 3 – Hanging Your Cornice

A. Installing the Hardware


We provide the plugs for dry wall.

We provide the proper brackets to hold foam cornice board.

How to install bracket – the finished look.

On the window above the vertical casing (known as molding) you will find a wall stud.  (if you can’t find the wall stud, we will provide you with drill-in fasteners to drill into the wall.)
After determining the appropriate placement for the hardware based on the desired height, mark the wall through the slot where you will place the two L-Brackets and screws.

The foam cornice dust cap will lay right on top of the L-Brackets.

(An appropriate amount of brackets is included with each kit.)

B. Hanging Your Cornice

The benefit of a dust cap is that it allows you to cover (with fabric) and hang your cornice boards more easily. It’s simple, just use the brackets.

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