How to Measure

How to Measure

Instructions on how to make your own template

1. Place your paper on the floor with your cushion on top of the paper.

2. Carefully draw an outline around the cushion.

3. Remove the cushion and cut out the outline.

4. Ensure that the template is the same shape on the left and on the right by folding the paper in half to make sure it is equal on both sides.

5. Please mark the following items clearly on your template:

a. Your name, address and telephone number
b. The thickness of the cushion you require
c. The amount of cushions you require of that shape
d. The grade of foam you would like
e. If you require a “seat” or a “back” cushion

When we receive your paper template by mail we will custom cut your foam at no additional charge.

Or, if you prefer, mail us your empty cover(s) and we will custom fit the proper foam and mail it back to you.
Please contact us with any questions at (248) 284-0002


Here is an example of tracing the width and length of your cushion



Here is an example of tracing the thickness of the cushion


Carefully draw around the side and back of the chair

Ensure that the template is the same shape as the cushion

When you receive your foam it should fit your chair exactly The final look of your new foam cushion





DACRON gives a more rounded look to the edges of your cushion and fills in the fabric for a more aesthetic look. (Dacron Wrap Also known as Fiber Fill also helps protect the foam from wear and tear.)

Dacron is  60″ WIDE x 3/4″ thick/Lineal Foot  $ 1.25


To find out how many feet you need, wrap the ruler around the cushion and go to the nearest foot.
To apply Dacron you can use glue or staple around the edges.


The pictures below are an example of how to order the custom cut foam and shape it to size.


Measure the total width, length, and height of all your cushions.



When you trace the foam you have to keep the marker straight.


When cutting the foam, you will want to leave the marker part on the cushion side.

To cut the foam, you can use a sharp carving knife or an electric knife.


Replacement Sofa Seat Cushions
Please Note: When measuring foam cushions for new foam fillings there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. The new foam interior needs to be slightly bigger than your cushion cover. This allows the foam to be slightly compacted and will help it to fill out the cushion cover properly. If the foam interior is too small then your cover will wrinkle when you sit on it. If the new foam fillings are too big, you may strain the seams and zipper of your cushion cover and your new cushion will look distorted and bulbous. When replacing foam cushion interiors with new ones, you will need to add – as a general rule – 1” to the cushion width and 1” to the cushion length. It is advisable to add 1” to the depth of the cushion as well. This will ensure that your cushions have a domed appearance rather than looking too flat.

Replacement Sofa Back Foams
Please Note: Measure in the same way as above for the length and width measurements. Add 2” to the depth of the cushion border. This will give your back cushions a lovely plump appearance.

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