Crown Molding Questions

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Can the average home owner self-install Crown moldings without hiring a contractor?
Anyone comfortable working with wood can work with Styrofoam moldings.

Can Crown Molding products be used outdoors?
Yes this product can be used outdoors.

It will not rot, crack, decay or be subjected to insect damage.


What is the best way to Paint Crown Molding

Never use lacquer-based paints or lacquer thinners.

Never paint with enamels.
But you can use spray paint. Latex paint works best.

When in doubt, test a scrap part and allow a few hours for results.


It is best to paint with water-based paints. Water-based latex and enamels work well. You can brush or spray paint. You can thin with water. Cover with one good coat of primer and one good finish.

Applying two thin primer coats gives a smoother finish.

It’s easier to prime and finish all parts before gluing to walls or corners.


On what surfaces can Crown Moldings be mounted?
Crown Moldings can be mounted on (new or painted) drywall, plaster, or plywood surfaces. They should not be mounted over wallpaper as it may separate or be stained by the adhesive.

To glue Crown Moldings to your walls, use LIQUID NAILS HEAVY DUTY ® construction and remodeling adhesive. You can apply it to the slots on the back of the molding or apply it directly to the wall. First, press the molding to the wall and then pull it back from the wall just a few inches for about 5-10 seconds. This gives the glue a chance to activate. Then press it back into place. Watch the alignment for about 20 minutes while the glue sets. Make sure to read the instructions on the LIQUID NAILS ® tube.

Can I avoid the use of nails or screws with polystyrene products?
Any adhesive suitable for bonding wood to a surface can be used. If you do not use mechanical fasteners, you will need to find other means of supporting your installation while the adhesive you have chosen sets.

How Do you ship your foam products?  

Most products are shipped UPS. Large items will be shipped via freight carriers.

We offer the option of Next Day and 2nd Day delivery. Please call for costs – include shipping zip code.


 How long will it take to get my order?

The order generally goes out in 10 days. However, sometimes there are unforeseen delays – every effort will be made to get your order out within the specified time frame.

Can I return a Crown Molding?
Since the crown molding are custom made to your specifications, they are not returnable of refundable for any reason.  Orders may not be canceled or changed once the production process has begun.

Are Crown Molding products fire rated?
Crown Molding may melt or burn when exposed to flame. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that products conform to local building codes. Please make sure they meet the requirements of the Residential Universal Building Code for Foamed Plastic Trim. If the crown molding covers more then 10% off the room it might not meet with the building or house codes.

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