Custom Chair Pads

Custom Chair Pads

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Custom Chair Pads

Chair Foam Cut to shape
Chair Foam Cushion Loose Back and Seat Cushion Foam Chair Cushion
foam bench seat box style foam cushion custom chair pad custom seat pad foam cushions

Seat Cushion tree cushions

Chair Foam Cushion Comer piece Foam Cushion Set chair pad with velcor loopschair pad chair pad with velcor loops1Double seat chair pad grey chair 5grey chair with Velcro to hold in place
Foam fluffy cushion foam Cushions with vents Diamond Pattern Cushions Dining Chair Beige Chair Cushions with Ties Chair Pad 0587Chair Pad 0589
Chair Pad 0586 Chair Pad 0223 pillow and cushion with velcro ties pillow and cushion with velcro ties1 pillow and ottoman Cushions
Chair Pads 1128Chair Pads 1140 Cushion 0779Cushion 0777 Cushion 0789 Cushion 0793 Cushion 0780
Cushion 0801 Cushion 0915 Cushion 0918Cushion 0921 Cushion 0922 Cushion 0933Cushion 0935
Cushion 0909Cushion 0910 Back Cushion 0904 Cushion 1384 Cushion 1417 Cushion 1418Cushion 1419
Cushion 1420Cushion 1421 Cushions 1319 Cushions 1453 Cushion981Cushion982Cushion983 Bench Pad 432Bench Pad 433Bench Pad 435
Cushion 551Cushion 556 Chair pad 704 Chair pad 728 Bench pad 724 Chair pad 788
Seat Pad 238Seat Pad 243 Cushion 080Cushion 075 Cushion 065Cushion 064 Cushion_312Cushion_314 Cushion_112Cushion_117
Cushion_265 Cushion_269 Cushion_159Cushion_165
Chairs Chair Pads 1137 Foam Cushion chairs with stools Foam Cushion Double Set
  Colorful Dining Set Colorful Dining Set   Chair FrontChair Back Chair Pad 0604Checker Pattern Dining Chairs Chair Cushion AfterChair Cushion Before
Dining Chairs Chair with Cane Arm Chair Green High Back Chair
Beige High Back Chair Outdoor Chairs Dining Chairs Rocking Chair
Chairs Chair with Skirt Chair skirt with Ties Chair with Chevron Pattern
Rocking Chair with Foot Stools Foot Stools Rocking Chair Dining Chairs
Armchair Beige Dining Chair Teal Dining Chairs Beige Dining Chairs
Dining Chair Swivel Chair Wicker Chair Blue Chair


White Cushion Dining Chair Chair Pads 1179 Teal Armchair Front Teal Armchair Back
Custom Chair Pad 2513 Retro Dining Chairs Chrome Armchair Sherpa Fabric Chair Beige Armchair Front
Beige Armchair Back Rocking Wood Chair Wood Armchair Dining Chair Dining ChairKitchen Chair 2
Chair 1430Bench 1428 Chairs 1427Chairs 1424 Chair 1414 Chair 1324Chair 1326 Chair 1020
Chairs 1024 Chair 0990 Chair pad 1448 Chair Pad 1927Chair Pad 1928 Chair Pad 1930Chair Pad 1934
Chair 1955 Chair 102 Chair 27Chair 28 White hair 101 Multicolor Chairs
Chairs 053Chairs 051 Chair 027Chair 026 Chair 036Chair 034 Chair Pads 045Chair Pads 044 Chair 984Chair 985
Vanity B002Vanity A020 Vanity B998Vanity A021 Vanity B001Vanity A019 Upholstery Chair back Upholstery Chair Curve Chair upholstery Curve Chair
Chair 107 Chair 105 Chair 108 Chair 091 Chair 092
Chair 088Chair 089 Chair 989Chair 990 Chair 974Chair 975 Chair BeforeChair After Chair_262Chair_263
Chair_266Chair_272 Chair_843Chair_844

Chair Pad # 1

Chair Pad # 2

Chair Pad # 3

Chair Pad # 4

Chair Foam PaddingBox Style With Velcro custom chair pad
Knife edge style with ties

foam chair with Velcro


Foam Custom Cushions

Box Style or Knife
Edge With Velcro Loops

Foam Bench Seat with Ties

Bay Window Set and
Day Bed Sets

Custom Foam Seat with curved back foam channels.

We can create a decorative chair pad for any chair in your home. Come in with a template or measurements and we will take care of the rest. You can order fabric from us or you can bring your own material.

Dining Room Chair Foam Replacement

Custom Made Chair Pad Seats

 Slip Covers for sofas, chairs, & love seats, call for pricing

Furniture slipcovers provide wonderful and creative ways to quickly transform outdated living room and dining room furniture. You can give your home, apartment, studio, or even dorm room an updated new look.

Bring your sofa, chairs, or your cushions, we are able to work with your fabric.

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